I’m a lover of Jesus Christ, wife of ten years, a mom of a “spunky” preschooler, passionate home cook, regular beach-goer, adjunct professor, minister, bible teacher, leader, mentor, speaker, writer, healthy relationship enthusiast, and woman on a MISSION to empower others to embrace their faith and never let it go…”

As a Minister, it brings me great joy to see others discover:

  • An identity in Jesus Christ
  • Godly contentment and life satisfaction rooted in following God’s Word
  • A healthy approach to love and relationships – CLICK HERE⬇️

With degrees in Sociology and Education, I’ve coupled my love of helping people with a faith-based approach to dealing with everyday life. I’ve counseled countless youth, young adults, and adults as it relates to Godly devotion and the ability to make wise decisions. I’m also currently enrolled in advanced ministry development training at the Center for Pastoral Counseling via Emerge Counseling Services.

As an Active Speaker, I’ve worked with numerous churches and organizations to support their desired events. My most recent speaking engagements are:

  • United Christian Academy of New Jersey – featured speaker for Secondary Education Chapel Service
  • Victory Temple Deliverance Center of New Jersey – featured speaker for Youth Night
  • Women Seeking God – featured speaker for Online Retreat reaching international audience
  • Victory Fellowship Ministries of New Jersey – featured speaker for Youth Events & Adult Bible Studies

To inquire about booking me as a speaker for your Youth/Young Adult or Women’s event, please CLICK HERE⬇️.

As an Author, I enjoy conveying God’s word in inspirational ways to impact people’s lives for the better. I give God all the glory for allowing me to reach the Amazon Best Selling Author listings in November and December of 2015 for my book, Affirmations for Women: God’s Healing Words for the Heart in Times of Guilt, Grief, & Uncertainty.


Locate the book HERE⬇️.

“My Journey”

The quest to depend on God in previous years was a rough journey for me as it yielded inconsistency, poor judgement, and a life lived as an extremely confused woman. During college and soon after, I was undeniably caught at a crossroad of the church and a world of pure mayhem.

After a season of bad decisions, unhealthy relationships, and utter chaos, I had an encounter with God that changed my life. God assured me in the lone confinement of my apartment that he would be the one to satisfy and fulfill me. I never looked back and began reading the Bible from the beginning to the end. The Word of God was LIFE to me when I needed it the most. Things took another turn when God began to reveal my purpose and I would start serving others more strategically in 2005. Holding a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, a Masters Degree in Education, and ministry training at Jameson School of Ministry, I’ve used my gifts to help the local church and various communities. As an ordained minister, I’ve worked in various roles as a leader in singles ministry, young adult ministry, adult ministry, and evangelism ministry.

I’ve also developed nonprofit tutoring programs for women and youth. I can never stay too far away from the classroom and currently teach Adult Basic Education at a local college in New Jersey.

I took a leap of faith and launched my first women’s conference in 2012. Approximately eighty women of all ages and backgrounds showed up versus the forty younger women I was expecting. Hosting conferences just for women taught me a lot about the uniqueness of the various spiritual needs of those who would attend. Today, the event has evolved into a blog/vlog led by my mentee at WomenSeekingGod.org⬇️.

Rejoice in the Lord always [delight, take pleasure in Him]; again I will say, rejoice! (2)

My mentee – R. Mogomotsi of South Africa

Today, as a wife to Associate Pastor Jason Ford, mom to Jordyn, and person on a quest to find meaning in life like most people, I have discovered that: “A JOURNEY WITH GOD IS WORTH IT!”


Walking in holy matrimony and ministry with Jason for almost eleven years – our little one keeps us “on our toes”  : )