Hello, I’m Keturah!

I serve as a Bible Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, and Owner of Marriage Conversations That Matter. My service to others is geared toward providing Christian education for women and couples that focuses on upliftment, accountability, and transformation. I’m a firm believer that God cares deeply about the matters of our heart and desires to walk with us in times of suffering, regret, shame, grief, relationship crisis, and challenging transitions.

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Perfect Performance Not Necessary…

How something so subtle attempts to sneak itself in the journey of grace – “the need to perform.” The journey of “grace” allows us to stumble, get up again, keep it moving, perhaps stumble again while asking for help, rebound, and the steps continue. The journey of “needing to perform” yields non-confession, stumbling without asking […]

3 Tips For Building Teamwork Before You Say “I Do”

The wedding planning and meticulous details of coordinating your new life together can be one of the many wonderful opportunities you take advantage of to build unity and cooperation as a couple.  You may have hired people (planners, advisors, coordinators, etc.) to help you organize, but there are still some things that need to be […]