1:1 Sessions

There is no heartbreak you can’t express to God…”

Did you know that a good portion of the biblical text of Psalms are complaints to God or laments? Learn how this ancient yet relevant practice can help you process some of the most difficult times of your life by using a Christian worldview perspective.

“Write. Lament. Release.” are 1:1 interactive journaling sessions (for women) that include Bible-based education, guided discussions, spiritual reflections, writing exercises, and life application tools.

You will have an opportunity to face the “hard stuff” (in meaningful ways) for the sake of building a healthier relationship with God, yourself, and others.

The 1:1 virtual session lasts approximately one hour and is hosted by Keturah Ford, Certified Trauma Healing Facilitator + Trained Grief/Loss Advocate.


Process some of the most difficult times of your life as it relates to grief + loss (due to death, breakup, severed emotional bonds, major change/shift in social connections and community , etc.).

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