Conversations With God. Unexpected Answers.

I was recently contemplating the beauty of #prayer and intimacy with God. To have this connection is an honor as we get to voice and express our hearts to God — no matter the words or circumstances. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and felt like your words were misunderstood or lost inContinue reading “Conversations With God. Unexpected Answers.”

I Want to Forgive, But…

God understands every inner-longing of our heart. We don’t have to “mask” the pain… Imagine a man who just lost his last living parent and then was confronted by a group of family members with the latest “drama” of the day… #TrueStory Keep reading… #Genesis50 Genesis 50:15–20 (ESV) When Joseph’s brothers saw that their fatherContinue reading “I Want to Forgive, But…”

Grief: Recent Loss & Reflections

Exactly a week ago, two policemen showed up at our door asking if they could speak to my husband. Our day was a normal “quarantine-adjusted” day – homeschool, work at home, Zoom meetings, etc. Nothing warned us of the news that came from these officers’ mouths in a matter of seconds once they were settledContinue reading “Grief: Recent Loss & Reflections”

Seeking Sex…

There are many things that can be said about Selah Marley’s (Lauren Hill’s daughter) recent video — I won’t offer any deep interpretation, but I was extremely interested in Selah’s discussion about her approach to #sex and relationships. I know some women can relate as we remember the emptiness and confusion that came withContinue reading “Seeking Sex…”