Got Vision?

The state of our current world might suggest that all manner of vision-casting, dreaming, or goal-setting needs to take a “back seat.”

However, I would beg to differ…

Last year, my own world was disrupted in major ways and MUCH of what I do had to be changed, readjusted, and modified. 

Still the work had to CONTINUE – modifications and all.

Our “Write. Lament. Release.” — ONLINE Sessions proved to be a blessing in disguise as women engaged in 1:1 connection with myself and most importantly with the God who CARES for them.

There were various plans for my work with moms + kids, but still we continue weekly at

One of the most important things I am grateful for in all of this is being constantly and graciously reminded that God is SOVEREIGN.

My life, agenda, and plans are not my own. And the God who leads me will most certainly lead me WELL. 

How are you adjusting? Are you moving forward with plans to serve your family, community, etc. – with modifications? 

Need inspiration? Check out this Bible Study @

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