Dear Strong Woman…

The Bible clearly describes Jesus as all powerful, but yet extremely humble and seemingly “weak.”

•He was born in a space used for farm animals.

•He swapped fancy robes and expensive jewelry for everyday attire and cheap sandals.

•He is the King of Kings, but the crown of thorns and the blood that was shed on that old, rugged cross made him look like a “punk” who couldn’t hold his own.

But those who know how the “story” ends realize that Jesus was far from “weak.” His victory over the cross and death testify of such a need to not put our trust in things that only “appear” sturdy and strong.

My work with those who suffer and grieve opens my eyes to this reality quite often: the seemingly “weaker” things (tears, seeking support, etc.) need not be shunned in exchange for playing the part of being “put together” – everyday and all the time.

Because true “strength” is found in a person who will not “fake it.” The truly “strong” person will be in tune with authenticity, vulnerability, and a dependence on something bigger than themselves – God.

God loves you beyond measure and I love you too…


Keturah Ford @

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