5 Things I’m Finding Helpful In Pandemic Parenting…

I won’t even fake it… Pandemic parenting isn’t an everyday fun adventure 😐

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being a mother. God has gifted me an opportunity to be apart of something so beautiful.

My mini-me and I… (2018)

But March 13, 2020 changed our lives, routines, and rituals for the long haul. Schools shut down. Simple grocery store runs became a circus show as food and common household items became scarce. We were restricted to our home as the state of New Jersey literally shut down. Social interactions were limited to Zoom meetings, frequent texting, and video chatting. COVID-19 had landed with a vengeance and people became ill and some even lost their lives.

Wow— I thought I’d journaled the bulk of my Pandemic reflections but expressing this via this post reminds me just how far I and many others have come!

Some days have been better than others. Some days I feel like the activities, art kits, and face-masked excursions are enough.

And on other days, I feel like my efforts are a complete waste of time as Jordyn, my six-year old, experiences moments of grief and instances of complete boredom as an only child with limited play date options due to COVID-19.

And although life isn’t perfect, I can testify that I’m learning, growing, and am depending on a few consistent things to ease the difficulty of the hard days…

Some of these things are:

1. Encouraging Scriptures

True story. Jordyn’s children’s church sessions on Sunday morning are a God-send. She gets to socialize a bit with other kids her age and learn about the Bible at the same time. This particular project challenges us to randomly choose scriptures from a “Truth Jar” that will encourage our hearts and identities as children of God.

2. Prayers at Meal Time

This is not my child, but I’m sure you get the point. Lol😊. Prayers at meal time can remind Jordyn (and the whole family) that food and sustenance are gifts from God as there are others who may not be so fortunate during these hard times. #Gratitude

3. Time Outs — for Parents + Kids Combined

Yes. Yes. And another “Yes” for good measure! Jordyn has grown out of nap time, but I’ve found an alternative. I noticed that around 2 pm or 3 pm on most days, she gets fidgety, talkative (the rambling kind) and super-energetic. So I put us both on “time-out.” For about 20-30 minutes, Jordyn goes to her room to rest and I listen to music and sit still. During this time, Jordyn is able to calm down and I can rest my brain after a full day of constant, back-to-back activity of managing meals, activities, household duties, and work.

4. Stop + Clean

At a certain point in the day, there’s always an accumulation of dolls, Legos, art supplies, dirty dishes, etc. So I have us stop (periodically) what we are doing and simply take a few minutes to pick up things a bit. This is extremely helpful at the end of the day as our daily final cleanup isn’t so extensive and time-consuming.

5. Be Creative

Who would have known Target would be semi-empty on a Thursday morning, just days before school starts? But it was and we took full advantage! We turned the excursion into a “timed challenge” of locating everything on Jordyn’s 1st grade school supply list in under 15 minutes. We nailed it in under 12 minutes!

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“I love the journaling component. I try to get up early for tea in order to write before the baby wakes up.”

“My favorite chapter is ‘Pretend Play: We Are Key Carriers.’ Jordyn’s request speaks so clearly.”

“Mommyhood Deconstructed is very well written and a joy to read! Continue to walk in your calling.”

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