Weekend Recap…

From a quick trip to Philadelphia, PA filled with our favorite cheesesteaks, a mini-art gallery, waterfront “people watching” to Sunday Children’s Church, grief musings, and a fried chicken dinner, my family had a great time. I’ve been documenting Pandemic reflections since March 2020 and look forward to sharing more about adapting to a new normal.

The drive into the city is always adventurous with lots of buses, rushed drivers, and weekend traffic!
We found this spot when I was four – five months pregnant with Jordyn in 2013!! Now Jordyn is even hooked!
Jordyn wanted to know why there were so many buses as we waited for Jason to grab our food😊. There was lots of “I Spy” play while we waited.
The art gallery was a hidden treasure we found when we walked the pier. There were several local artists displaying their work.
The view was epic… I found a sweet spot to “people watch”!! Lol
We stumbled upon a small outdoor wedding right on the pier. I overheard the father/father figure ask the bride, “Are you ready?” This question spoke volumes to me. I’ll be sure to share in another post…😊
There was lots of reflecting about my mom. She died on August 9, 2011.
Children’s Church honed in on creativity and the Word of God!!! #ShieldOfFaith #Ephesians6
Story time yielded a re-enactment of building a space ship!
Sunday dinner was in full effect with Fried Chicken + Kale Salad.

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