I wrote about the impact of Hurricane Isaias yesterday (CLICK HERE) and the discovery of good things amidst a storm, power outage, etc. It’s amazing how God allows us to find beauty among the seemingly “rough “ parts of life. I’m in constant awe…

Another thing I discovered or rediscovered rather is the significance of conversation with my husband (Jason) of almost 14 years.

I’m not talking about the type of conversations that are smoothed over with politeness, dinner plans, or the Netflix movie choice. But I’m talking about something deeper than my daughter’s kiddie pool.

”true story”

My “rediscovery” of such conversations revealed:

• I’ll be constantly learning new things about my spouse. Whether they’re funny stories from childhood or less than ideal moments from teenage years, there is something special about getting to know my husband a bit better when I think there’s nothing else to uncover.

• The “evolved spouse” needs room to communicate as such. Jason and I are not the exact same people we once were when we first met. We will grow as people as our interests and desires are shifting over time. Being able to openly voice these changes are apart of growing together versus growing apart.

Intentional moments (minus kids, distractions, etc.) have to be scheduled or planned for the most part as work, family roles, etc. threaten to mute the necessary communication. Deeper conversations won’t happen on their own. They have to be fought for.

And so I will continue to fight… Fighting on my knees in prayer for God’s hand to be upon my marriage… Fighting to be patient versus petty… Fighting to plan dates and moments to decompress…

Fighting to stay “in the ring” and win TOGETHER


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