A Perfect Storm…

The weather forecast had been predicting that New Jersey would get hit pretty hard with the trickle down effects of Hurricane Isaias. I’d been putting blinders on and kept on with my normal routines without much consideration for the reports and serious-looking meteorologists.

I continued to ignore alerts from our local energy company as they warned us to prepare for possible power outages. I then thought, “Dude, don’t you have a little faith? Maybe we won’t be impacted at all.”

So now I sit here and take in all of the fallen tree branches and high winds. It’s sunny now, but what flew through our area by way of a tropical storm was less than paradise.

And yes, our power is out😔… Go figure. I had a full in-house agenda for our storm as the floors needed mopping (I actually use an electric mop) and kitchen cabinets needed the nice wipe-down they deserved.

Maybe I would also be able to cook a little brunch for the husband (Jason) and I and then sneak in a workout before our daughter arrived home from her weekly breakfast date with her grandma.

Boy was I wrong. Not one of my plans had been accomplished. Now I sit here semi-starving from the bowl of cereal I poured myself when there was no sign of being able to cook the bacon and eggs I planned to devour. And yes, the milk for my cereal happened to be two days expired as I noticed at the last moments of grabbing my full bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. I ate them anyway – in good faith.

Darn. This day wasn’t what I imagined it would be.

As I processed all of this, not to complain or express ingratitude, I noticed the trait about myself that I wish sometimes would crawl under a rock and literally die. Perfectionism. You know that desperate need to have all things go well on any given day?

In fact, perfectionism almost had me NOT publish this post today. But as I sit here waiting for Jason to get home from picking up our daughter, I wonder just how many women, moms, young adults – heck, anyone – suffer from such a fate. Am I alone in this?

I was going to wait for the “perfect day” to publish a “perfect post” as I’m getting my feet wet again with consistent blogging.

August 31st or September 1st had a nice ring to it. I thought those must be special days to “relaunch” a blog and do what I really love — reflect + express my faith in God with others.

Today reminded me of something special. God’s divine plan for my life is not about me. The quiet + solitude of this “perfect storm” shows me again that I am not in control.

I’ll write that again. We are not in control. As much as some of us would like our days to be a skip through the tulip fields, very few of us will experience this.

And this is certainly OKAY.

So with not one cabinet scrubbed or one floor mopped (until later), I sit and learn at the Master’s feet and utilize the gift of my iPhone to be the purposeful writer I often fight with — in my mind and mirror.

Perfectionism has no place here today. And if perfectionism tries to sneak up on me in the future, I’ll prayerfully return to the Master’s feet to surrender – again. I am free – in Jesus Christ.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” – James 4:7

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Join me on this journey, won’t you??

I even wrote a devotional about rejecting the notion of perfectionism in motherhood! You can purchase the Ebook or Print devotional at http://www.MommyhoodDeconstructed.com

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  1. Great reminder, striving for perfection only leads to agitation for me! Sitting at the masters feet brings peace and helps me relinquish control.

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