Accepting a New Life: Only by God’s Grace

In the quietness of a moment, I’m once again captivated by the reality of God-given grace: undeserved merit or favor. 

The bearer of one mistake after another learns from their former ways only to help others on a troubled path. 

The confused gain clarity only to pass on the wisdom they’ve gained to those deprived.

The misguided follow Christ only to preach to the lost that there is a right way to this thing called life. 

“But by the free gift of God’s grace all are put right with him through Christ Jesus, who sets them free…” – Romans 3:24

It was only grace that transformed such situations and I’m thankful to the point of “happy” tears and a bowed heart as I, too, get to partake of such a blessing. 


I don’t deserve it, but it’s mine. I receive it. I cherish it. Once a sinner, grace found me and set me free. 

Want to watch a short video about transformation and the reality and capacity of God’s grace? CLICK HERE.



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